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Solis Sun Charm Hoop Earring 9ct Gold

Solis Sun Charm Hoop Earring 9ct Gold


Charm only - no hoop
18g (1mm) x 5mm
18g (1mm) x 6mm
18g (1mm) x 7mm
18g (1mm) x 8mm
18g (1mm) x 9mm
16g (1.2mm) x 6mm
16g (1.2mm) x 7mm
16g (1.2mm) x 8mm
16g (1.2mm) x 9mm
16g (1.2mm) x 10mm
Gold Colour:
Solid 9k Yellow gold
Solid 9k Rose gold
Solid 9k White gold

Inspired by the radiance and beauty of the sun, the Solis hoop earring will feel particularly sacred to sunseekers, lightworkers and those born in the summer months. Just as the sun always rises, Solis will always be there for you. Day after day, year after year. 

Recycled 9ct gold 
One single hoop earring  
Hoop available in a range of sizes 
Sun measures 5mm 
Handmade in our Margate jewellery studio   

5% of profits will go to Rwandan charity Kula, which helps local women make their dreams a reality.