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Karma Smooth Piercing Ring Rose Gold

Karma Smooth Piercing Ring Rose Gold


18g (1mm) x 5mm
18g (1mm) x 6mm
18g (1mm) x 7mm
18g (1mm) x 8mm
18g (1mm) x 9mm
16g (1.2mm) x 6mm
16g (1.2mm) x 7mm
16g (1.2mm) x 8mm
16g (1.2mm) x 9mm
16g (1.2mm) x 10mm
Gold Colour:
Solid 9k Rose gold
Solid 18k Rose Gold

Lovers, we all know what goes around come around, which is why we named this tiny hoop the Karma piercing ring. Created from one smooth band of recycled gold, it speaks to the cyclical nature of life and the universe. It can be worn in any piercing that you have, and the simple twist closure makes it easy to switch it from your rook to your helix, if that’s how you feel like wearing it.

  • Recycled 9k or 18k gold
  • Smooth texture 
  • Twist closure
  • Choose from a range of sizes
  • Handmade in our Margate jewellery studio  


5% of profits will go to Rwandan charity Kula, which helps local women make their dreams a reality.