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Our Ethics

Kind to animals

Being cruelty free is a top priority at Alice Ruby. It is sadly common practice to use leather, beeswax and animal fats in the manufacture of jewellery, but our studio is completely vegan. We replaced our leather mallets with nylon and we use vegan lubricant for our tools and saw blades. We also work with a small family-run polishing company, who use vegan polishing compounds to make all our jewellery beautiful and shiny.


Kind to others

We source all our gemstones from our wonderful dealer in London's historic Hatton Garden. They have been around for many years and take pride in the fact that all of their gemstones are ethically sourced. We believe in an ethical workplace too, which is why everybody who is employed by Alice Ruby is paid a fair wage. We also make sure to give 5% of all our profits to charitable organisation Kula, so we can help empower Rwandan women to create their own businesses. We believe ethics shouldn’t just stop at our gemstones, and we want to do what we can to spread our magic far and wide, so more women can follow their dreams.


Kind to the environment

All of our precious metals come from recycled sources within Europe and we try to reuse as much of our scrap materials as we possibly can. We even collect up our gold dust to recycle, as it's just too precious to waste. Together we can all do our bit to make our world a cleaner, better and even more beautiful place.


Kind to your skin

All our raw precious metals are manufactured under the EU Nickel Directive. This is a law that prohibits the use of nickel in jewellery, so you can be sure that the irritant will never come into contact with your skin. Our designs will always be gentle with you.