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Our Story

Alice Ruby is a dreamy handmade-to-order fine jewellery brand.

Alice originally trained as a piercer in Camden, London but in 2013 she took a jewellery making class and from the very first lesson she was hooked.

She started selling pieces online in 2014, and has since found her true love in carving wax and working with recycled solid gold. She usually creates late at night, with candles lit and incense burning, and finds creating jewellery to be a form of meditation.

She now works full-time on Alice Ruby where she creates illustrative designs inspired by symbolism and modern-day mysticism.

Designing for the lovers and the dreamers of the world, every Alice Ruby piece is created using the lost wax casting process which originated 6,000 years ago and remains largely unchanged to this day.

Each piece is meticulously hand carved and if you look closely you can see the mark of the hand and tools that made them. We believe this is what makes Alice Ruby most special.